News Movies News | Written by Matt Taylor 28/04/2021

Adam Wingard to Return to MonsterVerse with SON OF KONG?

Godzilla Vs Kong director Adam Wingard is in talks with Legendary to return to the ongoing MonsterVerse for its next instalment.

According to THR, the company is in talks with the You’re Next director to helm the series’ next film, rumoured to be a new take on Son of Kong.

There was once a time when the future of the MonsterVerse seemed uncertain: though the series has its fans, 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters severely underwhelmed many critics and a sizeable portion of its audiences, and the franchise’s future was in doubt.

But then, not one month ago, along came a little movie called Godzilla Vs Kong. Blasting its way into US cinemas at the end of March after a series of delays, it roared to a pandemic-best $400m globally. It blew Christopher Nolan’s Tenet out of the water with ease, and it still has yet to open in some of the world’s largest markets.

That Legendary would want to adapt Son of Kong is an interesting choice for the studio. The idea was first put to film in 1933, only nine months after the original King Kong film debuted, and although it wasn’t hated as much as the infamous Son of Godzilla 34 years later, it wasn’t exactly well-loved.

Having said that, maybe it makes sense: Godzilla Vs Kong showed a more human side to the giant ape, and also expanded on the Hollow Earth idea first glimpsed in King of the Monsters. Maybe there is some logic here after all.

In any case, at this stage we don’t know what the film will be when it finally hits our screens – and that may not be for a while. Adam Wingard has his plate full with the live-action Thundercats movie for WB and a Face/Off sequel for Paramount. And, as THR notes, there’s no writer attached to the new MonsterVerse film at the moment.

Godzilla Vs Kong is currently available on Premium VOD in the UK, and has yet to secure an official cinema release. You can read our thoughts on it here (hint: we absolutely loved it).