We all know you can’t keep a good horror icon down, but even by those standards, our old chainsaw-wielding, face-wearing, pal Leatherface seems to be as durable as those chainsaws he swings about, lobs at young folk and uses to duel with Dennis Hopper! And if this recent story ends up being true, he’s heading home!

Last seen in 2022’s critically maligned but underrated legacy sequel for Netflix in 2022, a new report by Geek Vibes Nation, picked up by Bloody Disgusting, has suggested that the series and its grisly star are revving up again for a new instalment titled ‘Texas Chainsaw Legacy’.

We even have an “official” (again nothing is confirmed and set in stone) synopsis, as this new alleged film, “is set to explore the seemingly peaceful façade of Oasis Oaks, a gated community in rural Texas…Within the manicured lawns and vigilant security, a protagonist family enjoying suburban bliss becomes entangled in a harrowing battle for survival as they confront the infamous Leatherface and his macabre kin on an abandoned property nearby”. 

So this new film would also see the Sawyer clan back in action too, if all this is to be believed, and frankly as set-ups go, this sounds pretty credible and believable. So we will have to see if it all pans out. Again, no word on whether this film is related to the last one, or yet another reboot for this series, linked only to the original Tobe Hooper classic.

Family really is forever it seems. Keep your eyes peeled for more news!

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