The Dark Judges Getting Their Own Webseries

Written by Andrew Marshall Sunday, 12 October 2014

TV News

Adi Shankar, the producer behind the criminally unsequelised DREDD, has announced that the previously promised DREDD short film he intended to shoot as consolation will now be developed into a webseries featuring the Dark Judges, recurring villains from the JUDGE DREDD comics.

Led by Judge Death, a rictus-grinning walking corpse who kills by reaching incorporeally into his victim’s chest and crushing their heart, the Dark Judges are a quartet of undead lawkeepers who hail from Deadworld; a parallel universe where after deeming that all crime is committed by the living, they decreed that life itself should be illegal. “The crime is life; the sentence is death.”

The others in this band of pseudo-Apocalyptic Horsemen are Judge Fire, a trident-wielding, skull-headed, flame-shrouded pyromaniacal madman; Judge Mortis, a perpetually decomposing malformed humanoid chimera who can make people’s bodies decay with age in moments; and Judge Fear, who kills by opening up his helmet with a declaration of “Gaze into the face of Fear,” while the abomination glimpsed beneath frightens his victims to death. This was most famously tried on big bad Joseph himself, who promptly responded with “Gaze into the fist of Dredd,” and punched clean through his head, a moment fans are hoping is replicated in the series.

Being an unofficial continuation, THE DARK JUDGES will form part of Shankar’s loosely-defined-but-popular Bootleg Universe, which so far consists of the short films LAUNDRY DAY, featuring Thomas Jane reprising his role as the Punisher and having to deal with some petty gangsters when all he wants to do is wash some clothes, and TRUTH IN JOURNALISM, featuring TRUE BLOOD’s Ryan Kwanten as Eddie Brock, and which in a mere seventeen minutes has a better representation of Venom than nearly two and a half hours of SPIDER-MAN 3.

Expect more on this as it develops.


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+1 #2 Andrew Pollard 2014-10-13 15:01
Indeed. Hugely enjoyed that. I thought that the Eddie Brock short was even better, too :)
0 #1 Ash 2014-10-12 20:27
Looking forward to this immensely, Shankar's Punisher short, Dirty Laundry, was fantastic!

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