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Written by Andrew Pollard Tuesday, 23 September 2014

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With today bringing the release of TWISTED SHOWCASE’s brand new episode, CONFESSION, the guys behind the eerie anthology series have, as well as providing us with the episode itself, let us get our paws on an interview with the star of this latest effort, Sarah Louise Madison. Madison is best known to genre fans for her roles as one the Weeping Angels in a little show by the name of DOCTOR WHO (you may have heard of it).

In terms of this latest episode, the official description reads:

Joanne, young and recently married, films a typical day of her married life with Freddie and she has a confession to make that no one will listen to, except YOU.

And for your viewing pleasure:

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Additionally, one of the minds behind the creepy web series, Robin Bell, recently conducted the below interview with the star of this new episode, as below.

Robin Bell: How did you come to be part of Twisted Showcase?

Sarah Louise Madison: I was contacted by the writer, Robin Bell, who sent me the script. I thought it was a really interesting storyline which contained a very fascinating character to play.

How would you describe your character in Confession?

She is a woman who is trapped and isolated in an unhappy marriage. In the episode she has something that she really needs to get off her chest, she needs to unload her burden, so she picks up a camera and decides to tell her story, hoping someone will listen to it.

What aspects did you find most interesting to perform?

I really enjoyed the scenes where she interacts with her husband, to see their relationship and to understand what she's actually going through. She's heartbroken and it's sending her in to some dark places.

What's you confession? Guilty pleasure?

Oh'm a sucker for rom-coms......

Any memories of the shoot?

How nervous I was turning up to location, but everyone was really welcoming and friendly. And the kettle - that kettle was the bane of my life! It just would not play nicely!

Your most famous role so far is the Weeping Angel in Doctor WHO? How difficult is it with all the costume and everything else on?

It can be difficult, but when you love what you do it doesn't matter. For the Time Zombie, the costume made it very warm. You are in the prosthetics from your head down to your toes, and under the lights on set it can get overwhelming, but everyone is very nice and helpful so you're looked after well.

As we've said you've worked on WHO and smaller scale things like Twisted Showcase. What's the differences and do you prefer one or the other?

They are quite different, but I enjoy both environments. The size of the sets are probably the biggest difference and the amount of crew involved.

Had you seen any Twisted Showcase before you signed up? Do you have a favourite episode?

Yes, I did watch a couple of episodes beforehand. I really enjoyed Something at the Top of the Stairs; it was a very clever idea and done really well.

I've said before I think you're brilliant in Confession, so what else have you got lined up to be brilliant in?

You charmer [laughs]. Thank you! Well, I do have other stuff lined up, hopefully I do okay in them. Theatre of Fear has just been released on DVD, where I play a young woman who is attending an underground circus-style show. She volunteers for one of the acts and has a pretty hard time after. I will also be filming Cops and Monsters next year, in which I am playing a feisty vampire who likes to break the rules.

For further details on TWISTED SHOWCASE and their upcoming work, be sure to visit their website and Facebook page.


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