TV News: Crikey! Zombie Apocalypse On Ramsay Street!

Written by Shauna Askew Tuesday, 25 March 2014

TV News

Don’t get too excited, it’s not gonna be quite 5 days a week of the walking g’day-d, but it still sounds great. Screen Australia and YouTube have teamed up for the Skip Ahead Project who have selected 5 talented video makers who will receive funding to create new online content. One of the winners, popular YouTube star Louna Maroun is planning a 5 episode Zombie web series to be set on Ramsay Street. Filming is set to start in a few months, we shall have to wait and see which members of the Neighbours cast are used, perhaps some past characters will be rising from the grave too!

Soap operas have always been over the top, especially the Aussie ones, which is why some of us *cough cough* like them so much, the crazier the better we say, but one thing they have always been missing was genre elements. Although, there has been the odd spectre phasing in here and there, like that time on Home & Away when the ghost of Hayley’s dad walked her down the aisle (awesome!). Now I think about it... then when her husband died, he visited her in ghost form also, they should have made a spin-off series about her! The most famous one was Ailsa seeing Bobby’s ghost by the fridge that one time, and then a few years later Ailsa died too and appeared to husband Alf, but it turned out it was just a brain tumour, aww. He actually didn’t want to have the tumour removed (IT’S NOT A TUMOUR!!) because in a way he would be losing his wife again. That would be a great way to keep an ex-dead character in a show, and no one else would be able to see her, much better than just a flashback! In Neighbours too there have been ghostly happenings, Todd died whilst trying to get to his girlfriend to tell her he wanted the baby and not to go ahead with the abortion, it was tragic but it was a comfort to Phoebe when he appeared to her in a mirror foretelling that the baby would be a girl… it of course was, so it can’t have been just a hallucination... wAoOoOoo (that's a ghostly sound, in case you couldn't tell).

Source: The Age

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+1 #4 Ed Fortune 2014-03-26 06:52
Ed Fortune 2014-03-26 06:51
Will we get Zombie Bouncer, that's what I want to know.
+1 #3 Andrew Pollard 2014-03-25 19:04
Really? That means it must be bad as Kris likes some shocking pun-based titles and sayings.

Quoting Shauna:
:O! Kris laughed at the 'Walking g'day-d'. Just be glad I didn't use it in the title :)
0 #2 Shauna 2014-03-25 17:33
:O! Kris laughed at the 'Walking g'day-d'. Just be glad I didn't use it in the title :)
0 #1 Andrew Pollard 2014-03-25 16:07
"Walking g'day-d?"

Ouch. Got a tumbleweed to go with that? I have to say, though, loving the passion in the Neighbours news. Anyone would think you were a fan or something.

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