TV News: Three More Actors Confirmed for CONSTANTINE Pilot

Written by Andrew Marshall Friday, 07 March 2014

TV News

A trio of new faces have been assigned to the upcoming Constantine pilot, joining Welshman Matt Ryan as the eponymous blue-collar warlock. 

Charles Halford, who seems to have had a career consisting largely of nameless characters requiring him to stand silently and loom, has been cast as Chas Chandler, John’s oldest friend and one of his only associates who didn’t end up dead. Be aware that although they share a first name, he will be nothing like the annoying character played by The Beef in the 2005 film, who bore no resemblance to his comic book counterpart. Like pretty much everything else.

Harold Perrineau (Lost’s Michael Dawson) will play Manny, an authoritative figure assigned to watch over Constantine. It’s unclear if this is in a mortal, possibly law enforcement capacity or something more supernatural such as a mid-ranking angel keeping tabs on those who travel the synchronicity highway.

Lucy Griffiths, who appeared in season five and six of True Blood as Eric’s vamp sister Nora and also the BBC’s consistently mediocre reworking of Robin Hood as [Maid] Marian, has been cast as Liv, a partner of Constantine in apparent possession of unspecified supernatural abilities (my money’s on some kind of psychic/precognitive/telekinetic powers).

Seeing as the New 52 Constantine is a lot younger, there will probably be no appearance of Gemma, Constantine’s niece and sort-of apprentice who grew from precocious kid to fledgling mage as the series progressed. Shame.

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