TV News: FARSCAPE to Return?

Written by Dominic Cuthbert Monday, 24 February 2014

TV News

FARSCAPE rewrote the conventions of traditional sci-fi, giving it a desperately needed modern spin and offered a slick, gritty, funny, sexy and often moving show that swept up a devoted fanbase in the process. It’s become cult viewing, especially after being cut short in 2002, just four years after it first aired.

Though THE PEACEKEEPER WARS mini-series followed in 2004, the show hasn’t been seen on our screens (except for the odd rerun) for ten years. Rumours have surfaced via that a film continuing the FARSCAPE narrative is in the works. Brian Henson, son of the innovative Jim, was executive producer of both the series and subsequent mini-series, and is reported to return for directorial duties.

A summary of the film, provided by Tor and only rumoured: "Set to follow the awesome comics written by our favourite Keith R.A. DeCandido, the film would follow John and Aeryn’s son, D’Argo (or Little D, as we will always refer to him). Because their baby was exhibiting a set of interesting powers that made him a magnet for galactic villains, we find that John and Aeryn hide their son on Earth to grow up. Now the kid is 19 and ready to go into space with his parents."

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