TV News: Stephen Amell Talks ARROW/THE FLASH Crossover Potential

Written by Andrew Pollard Friday, 31 January 2014

TV News

With ARROW currently one of the best shows around – despite still being on its mid-season hiatus here in the UK – The CW is also developing THE FLASH, which will be a spin-off show based around Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen. Gustin’s awkward, nerdy science-enthusiast appeared in several episodes earlier in ARROW’s Season 2, with the mid-season finale seeing him having a slight accident. Now, speaking to Access Hollywood, the Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, has been discussing the possibility of crossing over the two shows in the future.

It’s been confirmed that THE FLASH will exist in the same world as ARROW, leading to Amell getting asked if we’ll see The CW’s versions of Green Arrow and The Flash cross paths again at some point. “It’s always possible,” he said. “I mean, originally he was supposed to be involved in our 20th episode [of Season 2] and that’s not happening.”

The initial plan for Gustin’s Barry Allen was to have him return, as Amell said, in this season’s 20th episode, where he would get his powers. Having a change of heart, the powers that be decided to hold that full Flash reveal off until Barry Allen’s solo show debuts, which is understandable. On Gustin’s possible return to ARROW, Amell added, “I know that it’s less likely that he comes back this season because I think they rightly want to save his story for his show, but if his show is successful and is on the air, I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t use the opportunity to do crossover events, so to speak.”

Giving his thoughts on Grant Gustin in the Barry Allen role, Amell said, “Grant was great and he gets a lot of credit too. He was the star of episode eight. It was his story and he nailed it and that’s an incredibly difficult thing to do; to come in as a guest star and really take ownership of an episode. And he did it. He killed it. It’s why they took it from episode 20 and made it a pilot, because they’re banking on him and they should be.”

At present, The CW is currently developing the pilot for THE FLASH, with several of the ARROW team involved in that, not to mention DC’s Geoff Johns.

As for ARROW, the second half of Season 2 is underway (and still knocking it out of the park) in the US, with the UK return set for 20th February on Sky 1.

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