TV News: STAR TREK TITAN Seeks Funding

Written by Dominic Cuthbert Monday, 27 January 2014

TV News

STAR TREK is one of few entertainment franchises that has become a truly global phenomenal. In its near five decades it has inspired people creatively, whether that be inventing new gizmos, cosplaying or indeed complimenting the canon with their own homages. While slash fiction isn’t intended for inclusion within the TREK universe (though some may argue otherwise) there are hard-headed fans at work on a variety of exciting projects.

One of the more interesting of these projects is STAR TREK TITAN. The story focusses on Captain William T Riker, formally of the USS Enterprise 1701-D, bridging the hostile gap between the Romulans and the Federation. What sets this project apart from many others, aside from its production values, is that it is fan driven, helped along by funding websites like  indiegogo. If ENTERPRISE and J.J. Abrams’ reboot were met with a lot of fan vitriol, then opening a dialogue with the audience who then chose to contribute their own money, seems the only logical way to keep all parties satisfied; most of them anyway. While other shows have suffered from paying too much lip service to their fans, whether it be HEROES or the third series of SHERLOCK, with kick-starting the project in such a way it becomes far more communal, taking on the ideals of storytelling, told by communities, not individuals.

The current plan for TITAN is to get enough funding to create a short CGI film. Light Works, a name responsible for a whole host of TREK effects, has been brought on board following the death of TITAN’S visual effects wizard last year. The eventual goal is to launch an entirely new series, and in a world where programmes are being made specifically for streaming sites, this has never seemed more feasible.

TITAN has a very noble cause, it’s a group of people who adore the TREK universe, in all its many incarnations; a group who have noticed how absent TV screens have seemed since 2005 and want to give something back. In 2014, in the entertainment industries at least, people have the power. If it’s a cause you believe in why not pledge a few pounds?

You can find the STAR TREK TITAN project at indiegogo by clicking here. For a short FX clip, click on the player below...

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0 #1 Iamcosmicsoup 2014-01-27 17:45
I would love a Star Trek Academy themed show to come on TV. Episode The First a Duty from sttng season 5 showed how good this could be if done correctly.

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