TV News: GOTHAM to Introduce Familiar Bat-Villains

Written by Andrew Pollard Tuesday, 14 January 2014

TV News

With Fox currently developing their Jim Gordon-centric GOTHAM show, Deadline has some interesting news on some of the characters that we will see in the series.

It was initially said that the show will focus on the young Gordon trying to make his way in the corrupt Gotham City Police Department. The pilot episode will apparently see the character working on the case of the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, with a 10-year-old version of Bruce Wayne confirmed to appear in that episode. Well it turns out, we’ll get to see a little bit more of the young Master Wayne. Fox Chairman Kevin Reilly revealed, “The show will track Bruce from a child until he puts on a cape (in the finale).”

Not content with Bruce Wayne’s ascension towards the cape and cowl, we will also be getting some origin stories for some familiar Batman villains, such as The Riddler, Catwoman and The Penguin. Reilly added, “We will see how they get to become what they are as Gotham is teetering on the edge. It is an operatic soap with a larger than life quality.”

So all of a sudden we’ve moved from a Gordon-based show to the rise of Batman and the introduction of some Bat-villains? That’s quite the development. Given Batman’s return to the big screen in Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL sequel, not to mention the refusal of the WB to let the character appear in SMALLVILLE during the show’s 10-year run, it’s definitely a surprising turn of events. Given that Bruce will be 10 when the series stars, it's safe to say that we won't be seeing any batsuits for a little while at least.

At present, Danny Cannon will be directing GOTHAM’s pilot from a script currently being worked on by THE MENTALIST’s Bruno Heller. Fox has already confirmed that the series has been picked up for a full season.

Expect more on this as it develops.

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0 #1 Jack Bottomley 2014-01-17 18:18
Not keen on this direction, it seems too Smallville and despite its following, Smallville was just not that good.

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