TV News: Fox's GOTHAM Going Ahead With Director Danny Cannon

Written by Daniel Hicks Wednesday, 08 January 2014

TV News

As Warner Brothers continue to expand their universe with complete lack of continuity, GOTHAM is taking a further step forward towards the small screen. Danny Cannon is set to come on to direct and produce the upcoming Fox pilot from writer Bruno Heller (THE MENTALIST). Cannon has directed a variety of film and television projects, most notable of which is 1995's Sylvester Stallone-starring JUDGE DREDD.

The series will revolve around a young James Gordon and his role within the Gotham City Police Department. A little plot detail came up when a casting call went out for a young Bruce Wayne. We’re not talking early-twenties young, we’re talking 10 years old young. It seems very likely this young Bruce Wayne will be nothing but a cameo in the pilot, as the details revealed that Jim Gordon will be investigating the conditions surrounding the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Poor young Bruce will barely have time to fall down wells and be traumatized for life. Well, he will be traumatized for life seeing his parents shot, and maybe he should use that traumatic situation to dress like a bat and hit people? Just an idea.

It’s not about Bruce Wayne, it’s about Detective Gordon. And if Warner Bros. do it well, they can tie it in with ARROW and THE FLASH. What? That’s CW, not Fox? Curse you Warner Bros!

GOTHAM must have the producers' confidence behind it to be a decent series without the references, tie-ins and cameos that are all the rage nowadays.

It isn’t until March that filming begins, and we're sure that Bat-fans will keep a keen eye out for further developments surrounding GOTHAM.

Expect to hear more on this as it develops.

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0 #2 Aidan Arkwright 2014-01-09 11:56
I predict Gordon will take his helmet off half-way through the series.
0 #1 Paul Carey 2014-01-08 16:22
It worries me whether they can use certain characters. For example Huntress has already appeared on Arrow and Ras Al Ghul has had a name check, so can they and their relatives now not get a look in because CW has them?

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