TV News: Armando Ianucci would love to write for DOCTOR WHO

Written by Kieron Moore Wednesday, 04 September 2013

TV News

He may be more well known for his sitcom work, but Armando Ianucci would be up for dipping his toes in the world of sci-fi when his mate Peter Capaldi takes over the role of the Doctor.

Speaking to What’s On TV, Ianucci explained: "I'd love to write [an episode of Doctor Who]! Steven Moffat hasn't asked me, but it would be great because I love sci-fi and I grew up with Doctor Who as well.”

Ianucci’s most well-known creations include ALAN PARTRIDGE and THE THICK OF IT, which starred Capaldi in his most well-known role to now. We shouldn’t let his lack of sci-fi experience stop him, as DOCTOR WHO is often at its best when it brings in writers from diverse backgrounds; Richard Curtis and Simon Nye have both contributed excellent episodes in the past, while showrunner Steven Moffat’s own background is too in sitcom.

Talking about what to look forward to from the Twelfth Doctor, Ianucci said:  "I was so pleased when I heard that Peter had got the role. He had a part in the show a few years back and he told me that when he went on set and saw the TARDIS, he nearly cried! He's a massive fan. He won't be Malcolm - that's the thing. I think some people will be surprised because he's a fantastic actor. He's really funny, so I imagine there'll be lots of humour there, but he can also be powerful and tragic. It'll be interesting to see if they do stories that allow him to play to those things!”

Capaldi will make his debut in this year’s Christmas special and will take over the TARDIS for his first full series late next year. Let’s hope Ianucci is given the chance to show us what he can do with this new Doctor…

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