TV News: THE BIG BANG THEORY Hopes to Hit the Big Ten Seasons Milestone!

Written by Christian Jones Tuesday, 20 August 2013

TV News

I would predict that if you read the world’s greatest, longest running magazine of sci-fi, horror and fantasy, then your televisual comedy of choice could well be The Big Bang Theory. It’s like there’s an unwritten rule that persons of breeding and sophistication, such as us genre fans, must watch this simple, light hearted comedy. Even if it’s just to spot the many comic book, movie and TV references that litter the show.

If that’s the case then you’ll be pleased to know that Johnny Galecki - who plays Leonard – thinks that The Big Bang Theory could continue for many more seasons.

The hugely popular sitcom will be starting its seventh season next month in the States, and Galecki has said that the show has not "told half the stories" that it could.

"When you hear something like season seven, that puts it in a very surreal perspective," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "Shows that get that opportunity are those iconic, legendary shows.

"Not to make any predictions whatsoever, but as far as the lifeline of most shows, the seventh year, you're past the halfway mark. [But] I personally don't feel like we've told half the stories that these characters have to tell. It doesn't feel to me like we're halfway through."

Kaley Cuoco - who plays Penny - has stated that she would like The Big Bang Theory to hit the ten-year mark.

"I'd like to reach the big ten - I think that would be amazing," she said. "If people want to keep watching us, I can see no reason why it wouldn't happen."

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