TV News: Worldwide Simulcast Rumoured for DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special

Written by Christian Jones Friday, 26 July 2013

TV News


According to that bastion of exemplary news reporting, The Sun, global broadcasters have agreed to simulcast the 50th anniversary episode of DOCTOR WHO worldwide.

If this is true it would be the biggest-ever global simulcast of a drama with a potential audience in excess of 100 million viewers from some 200 territories. This astonishingly unprecedented move by the BBC allows fans across the planet to enjoy the unfurling of events simultaneously, with the intention that it would hopefully negate any internet plot spoilers sweetie.

As the episode is due to air at 8pm GMT, viewers in LA could be watching at midday, while fans in Sydney would get a 6am broadcast on Sunday morning (November 24).

As well as plans to simulcast this special landmark event, there are rumored plans to show the ninety minute episode in the cinema.

Just a thought but how were the BBC able to persuade foreign broadcasters to alter their schedules to allow such an event? It's a popular programme, but is it really that popular globally? Hmmm.

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0 #2 Christian Jones 2013-07-26 22:03
The Sun reported that it was to be 90 minutes in length so I'd take the news with a pinch of salt. Who knows they could be right and the 60 minute running time is BBC disinformation. If it is to be shown in cinemas then a running time of 90 minutes would make more sense. Interesting point about it being shown via on-demand etc.
0 #1 jock123 2013-07-26 17:07
HAs the length been officially announced at 90 mins? Maybe I missed it, but last I heard it was to be an hour… Good news if longer!
Secondly, it could be simulcast to cinemas abroad, offered through on-demand distributors, appear on a digital red-button channel, none of which would disrupt any existing schedule, don’t you think?

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