TV News: Help Send a TARDIS Into Space!

Written by Ed Fortune Wednesday, 26 June 2013

TV News

Plans to send a TARDIS into space are going ahead. Thanks to crowd funding, a model of the iconic DOCTOR WHO space craft will be sent into Low Earth Orbit, via a commercial satellite launching rocket, as an unofficial part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The light weight aluminium TARDIS shaped satellite will have a small digital camera on board, as well as a radio transmitter and antenna which will send images back to Earth, giving us a TARDIS-eye-view of the world. Also, the light on top flashes. Funders will also be able to store information inside the rocket thanks to a specially installed hard disc.

Project manager, Robert Doyle, told Starburst Magazine “The idea of having a TARDIS in orbit around the Earth seemed a natural fit for a show that is both inspirational and mad all at once. The fan response has been amazing. We've had people in the aerospace and technology industry donate components, a former NASA engineer, and an engineer from John Hopkins have volunteered to help us with the on board systems. We reached our funding goal in just 8 days and now, every additional dollar that comes in can be used to improve the design of the TARDIS, upgrade its systems, even increasing its size.”

More information can be found via Kickstarter.

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