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Written by Christian Jones Wednesday, 12 June 2013

TV News

You portray arguably the most popular character in a hit television series that has won countless plaudits and awards. Indeed it was amongst the major winners of the 2013 Critics Choice Television Awards, as well as winning the Radio Times Audience Award for being the UK’s most popular drama. Yet you do not watch the programme.

That is what I and Peter Dinklage have in common for neither of us watch GAME OF THRONES. Actually that’s not strictly true as I loved seasons one and two. You see I recently moved into a conservation area that, unfortunately, doesn’t allow satellite dishes. “Then why don’t you download it?” I hear you ask. I’m just too honest for my own good, that’s why. It wouldn’t feel right but thankfully there’s always Blu-ray.

But I digress, and yes it’s true. Dinklage, who plays the small of stature but wide of vision Tyrion Lannister, admitted to TMZ that he is not a regular viewer. Is it because he can’t stand to watch himself, or is it that he hates fantasy so it’s just an acting job? Nothing like that.

"I don't watch the show," claims Dinklage, "I mean, I don't have HBO."

So there you have it. He was also asked his thoughts on episode nine's Red Wedding, which shocked GAME OF THRONES fans the world over, and will no doubt me when I finally watch it.

"That was, like, a year ago for me," he joked.

GAME OF THRONES producer David Benioff has also stated that it is unlikely the series will last as many as ten seasons.

On a side note for all you Dinklage fans, check out 2003 indie THE STATION AGENT (if you haven’t already), in which he gives a powerhouse of a performance.

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