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Written by Paul Mount Wednesday, 05 June 2013

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Following the collapse earlier this year of the UK arm of Doctor Who’s computer visual effects house The Mill (the company had also provided effects for the likes of Primeval and Sinbad but had lately been struggling to survive with few new commissions and Doctor Who effectively being out of production for most of 2013) it’s been announced that Doctor Who’s computer effects will henceforth be provided by Milk, a new FX house formed by many of the same personnel who worked on the show previously. The new company’s founders are Nick Drew (Managing Director and Executive Producer), with Visual Effects Supervisors Jean-Claude Deguara and Nico Hernandez (also joint Heads of 3D), Sara Bennett (also Head of 2D), and Murray Barber, with Executive Producer and overall CEO of the company being Will Cohen, a name and face familiar to fans through his regular cheery appearances on BBC’s now-cancelled behind-the-scenes strand Doctor Who Confidential. “Milk aims to be the most sought after visual effects team in what we believe is blossoming into a thriving industry for high-end TV visual effects. Our new venture is timed to enable us to capitalise on the new tax breaks in the UK as we expect to see an influx of TV work, as well as continued feature film work, coming to London over the next few months and beyond,” says Cohen.

Milk are already at work on the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special (which has been shot in 3D) and will continue to work on the show throughout 2014. Milk are also involved in the FX work for season three of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ Sherlock as well as the forthcoming 2014 BBC mini-series Jonathan Strange and Dr Norrell.

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