TV News: Is Matt Smith Vacating The TARDIS This Year?

Written by Lewis Frank Friday, 22 March 2013

TV News

Will The Doctor regenerate in this year’s Christmas special? The Sun seems to think so, reporting that the last episode of 2013 will also be Matt Smith’s last. The tabloid says its insiders have revealed that Smith won’t be renewing his contact in November, and will instead focus on cracking Hollywood.

We all know The Sun’s tendency for dodgy spin, so this could obviously prove to be absolute nonsense, but should their insiders be onto something then it’s that time again folks… who would be your ideal new Doctor? Share your ideas in the comments below or on Twitter @STARBURST_MAG

DOCTOR WHO returns to our screens on Saturday March 30th.

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0 #4 Robin Pierce 2013-03-22 18:31
I'd like to see an older Doctor - and I'd love to see John Cleese in the role!
+1 #3 Paul Mount 2013-03-22 14:12
It has to be somebody fairly young and in good shape due to the physical demands of the role and the punishing filming schedule. Pretty much rules out a more mature actor unless he's surrounded by younger people who can do the physical stuff...which sort of defeats the object of the show really. Matt's had a bit of a raw deal really with a shonky wacky madman-in-a-box persona foisted on him and too many obscure labyrinthine story arcs which really have inhibited the growth of his characterisatio n. The presence of whiny Amy didn't help either. I'm hoping he can really shine in the forthcoming batch of episodes and, if he is going, he can go out with his held high and a job as well done as it could be under the circumstances.
+1 #2 Elisabeth Neveux 2013-03-22 10:37
Benedict cumberbatch of course, but he is too
busy maybe!
0 #1 Dwankie Dave 2013-03-22 10:37
I'd quite like to see a return to an older doctor..... Ian McKellen would be amazing (though doubtful).
It'll probably be another unknown late-twenties pretty man though.

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