TV News: ‘90s Marvel Series Animation Cells For Sale This Weekend!

Written by Iain McNally Thursday, 29 November 2012

TV News

On Saturday, December 1st, 2012, Profiles in History a California based memorabilia auctioneer will be auctioning off animation cells online from the MARVEL TV shows that ran on Fox networks in the 1990s.

The auction features cells used in the production of X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, as well as the FANTASTIC FOUR and IRON MAN shows that ran on US television as part of THE MARVEL ACTION HOUR. While the latter two series may not be as well regarded as X-MEN (or feature such amazing theme tunes), due to the crossover potential of the marvel universe, cells are available featuring most of MARVEL’s stable of heros, all of which follow the design template laid out by artist Jim Lee (X-MEN, UNCANNY X-MEN, WILDC.A.T.S, BATMAN:HUSH). Nearly all the main X-MEN are available (which is a lot) such as Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine and Rogue as well as members of their rogues gallery like Magneto, Sentinels, Juggernaut and Omega Red plus oddities such as Mojo from Mojo World and random mutants.

Artwork of Captain America and Wolverine, side-by-side are also for sale due to crossover episodes.

From the other two series there are plenty of FANTASIC FOUR, IRON MAN and HULK characters available, even GHOST RIDER and DR. STRANGE make appearances. I myself am particularly interested in a cell of Wolverine and Ka-Zar riding a dinosaur!

List prices start at $100-$300 USD, for the online catalogue as well how to bid, see

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