R.I.P. Gary Collins 1938 - 2012

Written by Whitney Scott Bain Monday, 15 October 2012

TV News

Gary Collins, who starred as Dr. Michael Rhodes in the supernatural/paranormal series, The Sixth Sense, has passed away at his home in Biloxi, Mississippi at the age of 71.

Born Gary Ennis Collins on April 30, 1938 grew up Venice, California. After attending Santa Monica College, he enlisted in the army for two years where he performed as a radio and television personality for the Armed Forces networks.

A versatile actor, he charming good looks cast him in a variety of roles on television and feature films as well as a host for several shows and product spokesman.

His second wife and a former Miss America, Mary Ann Mobley had been involved in the March of Dimes and organizations to end world hunger.

The Sixth Sense was based on the original, 1971 movie-of-the-week, Sweet, Sweet Rachel that starred Stephanie Powers and Stephen Ihnat about a paranormal investigator with E.S.P. who tracks down a psychic that’s committing murder through telepathy. The film’s writer, Anthony Lawrence later pitched the idea as a weekly television series that lasted two years with Gary Collins in the lead.

The Sixth Sense was ahead of its time and well written, yet audiences weren’t enthusiastic about them during their original run.

Years later, the sixty minute shows would be edited down to thirty minutes and paired up with Rod Serling’s Night Gallery series for television syndication where many people first saw Mr. Collins perform.

A solid actor and all around nice guy, he will be missed.

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