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Written by John Knott Friday, 12 October 2012

TV News

So it’s been a couple of weeks since we finally saw the end of Amy and Rory in The Angels Take Manhattan. Of course, when we say ‘finally’, that’s a relative term in the modern world of Doctor Who and you can pretty much guarantee a future cameo at some point or another. But what of Brian? Rory’s father’s only just arrived in the Whoniverse but he’s been a bit of hit with the fans, so Stephen Moffat’s decision to leave him out of the Pond’s farewell story seems a bit of an odd one. After all, this is a man who apparently won’t be seeing his son and daughter-in-law ever, ever again. Moffat missing the opportunity to reduce his audience to another gibbering puddle of tears of squonk-like proportions? Doesn’t sound like Moffat to us.

Well there’s an odd postscript here. It would appear that Torchwood scribe Chris Chibnall did, indeed, write an epilogue for Brian but it was never filmed. However, on October 12th the BBC posted an animated storyboard narrated by Arthur Darvill of Brian pottering about the house and being visited by a man with a letter from the past. Already there are calls for the scene to be filmed and added to the DVD release.

We’ll leave you to watch it to see what you think but the puzzle is, why did it get left out? We can think of one or two reasons: Could be saving themselves for a future scene between Brian and the Doctor (because we doubt we’ve seen the last of Brian); or they could have just decided it was just too damn similar to the scene in Blink where we learn of the Angel’s modus operandi. We’re sure you have your own theories. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy...

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