TV News: More Gaiman For DOCTOR WHO?

Written by Paul Mount Tuesday, 04 September 2012

TV News

Fantasy author Neil Gaiman has been dropping broad hints - well, one hint at least - that he’s at work on a second script for Doctor Who following the runaway success of his season six episode ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ which saw actress Suranne Jones manifested as a living personification of the Time Lord’s iconic travelling vessel the TARDIS. The episode, broadcast fourth in the 2011 series of the sci-fi favourite, attracted a consolidated final UK audience of nearly 8 million viewers following its broadcast on BBC1 on May 9th 2011.

Gaiman collected his Hugo Award in the ‘Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form’ category in Chicago over the weekend and during his acceptance speech Gaiman told attendees that “only a fool or a madman would try to do it again…. so I’m on the third draft.” With scripts presumably well locked-down for the second half of the show’s seventh revived series, which began last Saturday with the well-received ‘Asylum of the Daleks’, it seems likely that Gaiman’s next episode - if he is at work on one - is destined for the eighth season and is unlikely to be screened until 2014 in the wake of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary celebrations next year.

As always, Starburst will keep its ear to the ground and inform readers of any future Gaiman/Who developments and indeed all news relating to forthcoming episodes of Doctor Who.

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