TV News: X-FILES Vet Sells New Sci-Fi Pitch To NBC...

Written by Gibson Rickenbacker Thursday, 30 August 2012

TV News

[Picture for illustrative purposes only. It was that or a pic of Howard Gordon. We figured you'd rather a robot.]

US network NBC have purchased a new sci-fi concept from writer/producers Howard Gordon (a TV veteran responsible for the likes of X-FILES; BUFFY; ANGEL and most recently, AWAKE) and Josh Friedman (WAR OF THE WORLDS (2005); TERMINATOR THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES). The pilot will likely begin development shortly, with an eye to go to series (if it tests well) come the fall season of 2013.

The story deals with a future world where we live peacefully alongside robots, but everything starts to change once one of the droids kills another human being. The lead character will be a detective investigating the crime, and discovers a robot uprising is slowly gathering pace.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. The concept has been mined many times over, but was probably last plundered for the MATRIX universe, where an almost identical scenario kicked the entire thing off in the fantastic companion piece THE SECOND RENAISSANCE, a two-part story featured on THE ANIMATRIX (2003). Oh, and a little film by the name of I, ROBOT too of course.

Still, it’s another high profile sci-fi project, so let’s try to remain enthusiastic. Maybe they'll have a few twists on a oft-told tale...

Source: Deadline

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