TV News: Sci-fi Drama ORPHAN BLACK Finds Home At BBC America

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 26 June 2012

TV News


With DOCTOR WHO going down a storm over on BBC America, it looks like the channel has decided to branch out into more sci-fi fare with the announcement it’s acquired a new Canadian drama by the name of ORPHAN BLACK.

The 10-part series is currently in production under the supervision of Graeme Manson (who was responsible for the screenplay of 1997’s CUBE) and John Fawcett (writer/director of GINGER SNAPS). It will tell the tale of Sarah, a young woman who witnesses a stranger's suicide and decides to take over her life. How is she able to do that? The woman looks exactly like her! And why does this woman look like her? Coinkidink? Nope. They’re both clones. Two of many. To make matters worse, there’s an assassin on the loose and they're popping them off one by one. Can Sarah discover the truth behind the mystery before she's dispatched? We'll find out when the series hits sometime in 2013... 

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