TV News: THE LAWNMOWER MAN Returning To Screens

Written by Chris Holt

TV News

The Lawnmower Man

Talk about scraping the barrel. With the recent news that Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER and NIGHTBREED might be coming to the small screen, now we hear that one of Stephen King’s lesser stories and the even lesser film that followed are heading to TV.

The short story THE LAWNMOWER MAN written by King concerns a gardener who mows lawns and then eats the grass that the lawnmower leaves behind. Then it gets weirder. The film that they released in 1992 took the basic premise of a mentally challenged gardener played by Jeff Fahey and then added Pierce Brosnan and some cutting edge virtual reality technology which was all the rage from 92 until about 95. They made a sequel which I never saw but was apparently even worse.

The first film is now twenty years old and it looks it. So obviously the best place for the franchise to live on is television. Park Entertainment are pimping a 26 episode first season of the show with a pilot written by David Tichter. Apparently the series will explore some of the themes and concepts found in the films. It’s worth remembering that back in '92 King successfully got his name removed from the first film due to it not representing anything much of his story. Without his name to sell THE LAWNMOWER MAN as a series, will anyone even remember the films in this day and age of Facebook and iPhones?

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