TV News: Could Comic Book AXE COP Beheading For TV?

Written by Kris Heys

TV News

In a word, yes. That's right, Dark Horse’s popular comic book series AXE COP is on its way to our TV screens from Fox. (So that’s pretty much doomed from the get-go then.)

The cancel-happy network are developing the animated show – which came to being as a web-comic in 2009, illustrated by Ethan Nicolle and scripted by his then 5 year old brother (or so they say) – for a 2013 debut.

AXE COP chronicles the surreal adventures of a no-nonsense, blade-wielding New York police officer as he crosses paths with zombies, mutants, aliens and just about anything else that preoccupies the mind of your regular, hyperactive 9 year old.

The thrust of the humour here comes from the unpredictable storytelling, which is charmingly erratic and undisciplined, but has always been a little too knowingly so to convince that the creators are on the up-and-up. But there's no harm in them working the angle I suppose.

All said it’s a great concept, and will no doubt make for a fun show. If, as we said earlier, Fox can keep from wielding their own axe before it’s had chance to find an audience.

For more info on AXE COP, visit the official site HERE.

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