TV News: Latest TRUE BLOOD Season 5 Teaser Hits...

Written by Kris Heys

TV News

Isn't it a bit of a slap across the face to UK viewers that HBO have titled their TRUE BLOOD season 5 promo campaign 'Waiting Sucks'? Tell us about it, we're a whole bloody year behind! US viewers and fans willing to fight the system by torrenting (with a promise to purchase the DVDs later of course) will get the chance to see their season 4 cliffhangers dealt with on June 10th though, so here's the latest teaser. To be honest though, after you've watched it you'll probably agree that 'waiting' isn't the only thing that sucks...

Not the most dynamic of trailers is it?

If you still want to see more however, head over to HBO's official site here.

TRUE BLOOD return to US screens June 10th, and the UK sometime in 2013. Sigh. Not cool.

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