TV News: Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED Being Developed For Cable

Written by Chris Holt Friday, 30 March 2012

TV News

If you are over thirty, chances are you remember the media campaign that surrounded Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED when it was released in 1990. Based on his book CABAL it was touted as ‘The Star Wars of Horror’ and then, despite a tie-in video game, making of book and comic series (written by the Waschowski Brothers trivia fans) it didn’t really go over with the mainstream as hoped. Barker complained that the film was taken away from him in the edit and doesn’t really represent his blood soaked and freakish vision. There has been talk of a director’s cut for years but so far nothing. Barker is also meant to be writing a follow up novel (to his book CABAL, not the movie).

So now Barker has revealed, via his website, that NIGHTBREED may be making its way to a small screen near you. In an interview, Barker had this to say...

“We are also actively in conversation about doing a NIGHTBREED television series which will be for cable, so it will have a chance to be as sexy or as graphic in terms of the violence as we need it to be. For example do you have SPARTACUS over there? Oh my god it redefines gruesome…” He then goes on to say something applauding its plethora of man swords, but you don’t need to read that…

Barker also goes on to say that the success of TWILIGHT has redefined how audiences relate to monsters, so NIGHTBREED was ahead of its time and now is the time to bring it back. Fair point but stick to being inspired by SPARTACUS ok Clive?

If you don’t know, the original film was a fairly epic tale of a man who is framed for a series of murders and then goes to live in Midian, a refuge for mutants and freaks in the Canadian wilderness. The man turns out to be the tribes’ saviour as he is the reincarnation of their religious figure Cabal. The film's fairly entertaining even today but just feels rushed. In these times where GAME OF THRONES has redefined what television can be; maybe, just maybe this is a step in the right direction for the concept.

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