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Written by Kris Heys

TV News

Blackpool born Jenna-Louise Coleman is best known in the UK for her role as Jasmine Thomas in EMMERDALE, and will shortly be seen in ITV’s 4-part re-telling of the sinking of the Titanic, TITANIC. Kudos to ITV for getting in on that idea first. It’s going to make a mint. Anyway, here’s a couple of pics of Coleman in case you're not a fan of farm-based soap operas:


Moffat has kept schtum on the details behind Coleman’s companion, chosing only to hint that "Even by the Doctor's standards, this isn't your usual boy meets girl”. He did however reveal that fans will be treated to 6 episodes of the show this year, the season culminating in 2013 with a further 8.

Anybody looking forward to meeting Coleman’s character will have to wait until the Xmas special sadly, which means Amy & Rory will only be around for the first five episodes (the fifth of which will feature... the Weeping Angels!)

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0 #4 Kate Fathers 2012-03-23 16:07
I really hope that the new companion is an alien or from the future or something. And, in a nice nod to past companions, stows away on the TARDIS. It would be a good change from the last lot, who were invited twenty-first century humans.
0 #3 Paul Mount 2012-03-22 19:25
She's purty....
0 #2 Jordan Royce 2012-03-22 17:33
Bearing in mind that Mr Moffat told everyone at the Press Conference. I don't think it is too big a spoiler...
0 #1 M.M Gilroy-Sinclair 2012-03-22 14:12
Oi! Spoilers!


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