TV News: Eddie Izzard Moving To MOCKINGBIRD LANE

Written by Starburst Tuesday, 20 March 2012

TV News

Bryan Fuller’s upcoming MUNSTERS reboot, recently retitled MOCKINGBIRD LANE, has landed a new lead in the form of UK comedian Eddie Izzard reports industry site Deadline.

Izzard, who will also produce, is starring as Grandpa, the head of the family. Universal’s reboot (or re-imagining) is eschewing the laugh-track comedy of the '60s original for a tone similar to that of TRUE BLOOD. Will it work? We'll find out when MOCKINGBIRD LANE hits this September.

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0 #3 J. R. Southall 2012-03-21 18:02
I suppose if they ain't doing it as comedy, then it's a new series in all but name and the central concept. That COULD work. And will certainly work better than if they'd merely attempted to remake the source material.
0 #2 Robin Pierce 2012-03-21 12:01
I'm still waiting to see, hear or read ANYTHING than makes me think rebooting The Munsters is a good idea. I think I'll be waiting a whole lot longer. The Munsters Today didn't work, the TV movie without the original cast didn't work..and why? Well, the casting for the original series was absolutely perfect. John Schuck couldn't hold a candle to Fred Gwynne. Al Lewis was the only person who could play Grandpa the way he did - a Bronx Jewish Count Dracula. Sorry, Mr Izzard - you're way, way out of your depth here.
0 #1 Martin Unsworth 2012-03-20 20:11
Grandpa's face in the picture says it all...

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