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Written by Kris Heys Monday, 12 March 2012

TV News

THE BATES MOTEL, A&E’s upcoming new TV series based on the PSYCHO antagonist's early years, just got a hell of a lot more interesting with the announcement that LOST showrunner Carlton Cuse has been handed the keys as its executive producer. Cuse will also oversee the writing of the show, and will no doubt bang out one or two of the six episode series.

Why six episodes? Makers A&E are billing this as an “event” series. Which is a posh way of saying “we’re hedging our bets here in case audiences couldn’t give a monkeys and we have to sh*t-can it”.

Cuse and friend. (He's the one on the right).

We’ll have more on the prequel show – that THR are reporting is being billed as SMALLVILLE meets TWIN PEAKS (wouldn’t DEXTER have been a little more on the nose?) – as it develops…

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