TV News: Doctor Who Returns to Spain

Written by J. R. Southall Friday, 17 February 2012

TV News

According to the home page of the Shepperd-Fox Agency (here), their client the actor Rob Cavazos has signed up to play the part of Walter in the new series of DOCTOR WHO. What’s significant about this follows in the next line: “He shoots in Spain next month.”

It’s already been established that Series Seven of DOCTOR WHO will be taking a sojourn to Australia, and now it seems as if a return visit to Spain is on the cards too. DOCTOR WHO visited Seville back in August 1984 while filming the story The Two Doctors, starring Colin Baker and featuring a return appearance by Patrick Troughton.

With this news, Series Seven certainly seems to be gearing up to be the most spectacular yet, with trips to both Spain and Australia (assuming they both take place...) managing to outdo even last year’s filming in the United States.

The first-to-shoot episode of Series Seven goes before the cameras on Monday (February 20th).

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