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Written by Kris Heys Friday, 10 February 2012

TV News

Full disclosure, I was personally a little late to the party with AMERICAN HORROR STORY, and as a result I'm still 3 episodes away from the end and desperate not to be spoiled on how the show will conclude.

So far I've not been 100% successful. Pitfall of the job I guess.

Well, no spoilers ahead for all you guys in the same boat (and that's a big boat over here in the UK), but what we do have is the very first piece of promo material from the show's second season, debuting Stateside this Halloween.

So dig out an old pair of 3D glasses (or two Quality Street wrappers, one for each eye) and have a good ol' stare at this...

The profoundly odd early promo art for season one - featuring a lingerie clad pregnant woman with the rubber man seemingly oozing out of the ceiling - subtly clued us in to events and themes of the show, so it's not hard to imagine the FX art department are deploying similar tactics here. What could it all mean? We'll have to wait until October to find out.

Alternatively read the spoilers below.  


Ok, here's what we know so far...

* The second season will feature a predominantly new cast, and relocate the action to the East Coast...

* ...where the story will play out in and around a mental health facility, or "horror institution" as creator Ryan Murphy has referred to it. Could the brilliant but barking mad Charles Montgomery have once worked here perhaps?

* We used the word 'predominantly' earlier because it's confirmed that the award winning Jessica Lange will return as Constance in some capacity...

* ...but none of the Harmon family will.

That's it. But I consider that a blessing. Now, off to watch those last three eps!

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