Elongated Man Heading to THE FLASH

Written by Andrew Pollard Saturday, 15 July 2017

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Given the several mentions of him towards the end of The Flash’s third season, it came as no real surprise to hear that The Thinker will be the ‘big bad’ of Season 4. And now comes word on another familiar DC character who’ll be debuting when The CW’s Scarlet Speedster-centric series returns to the small screen later this year.

As per ThatHashtagShow, Team Flash appear to be getting a new addition in the form of none other than Ralph Dibny, aka Elongated Man. For the eagle-eyed of you out there, you’ll remember that Dibny was actually namedropped way back in The Flash’s first season, when he was listed as one of the fourteen people who died as a result of the particle accelerator explosion.

The casting call for the Ralph Dibny gig reads: Male, mid to late 30s, open ethnicity. Think Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt, Ralph has the ability to stretch his body to super-human lengths and size… however, while resculpting his old body is easy to do, Dibny finds losing the old misguided sense of truth and slobbery, even after joining the team at S.T.A.R. Labs, is a far more difficult task to accomplish. MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR WITH A SERIES REGULAR OPTION FOR NEXT SEASON.

As mentioned, the main villain of the new season will be Clifford Devoe, aka Thinker, and the casting call for that role reads: Male, 40s – 50, open ethnicity. After being struck with dark matter from the particle accelerator explosion, Clifford Devoe became a meta-human with a mega-mind. A Stephen Hawking-esque genius who’s devised an intricate plan to fix all that he deems wrong with humanity. The Thinker will embark upon a season long battle with The Flash that pins the fastest man alive against the fastest mind alive. FRACTIONAL ONE SEASON SERIES REGULAR.

It also appears that The Thinker won’t be alone in his battle against the Sultan of Speed, with a casting call gone out for a female henchman called The Mechanic. That call reads: Female, 30s – 40, diverse. A highly intelligent engineer who designs and assembles a plethora of devices for the ailing Clifford Devoe. Devoe’s right hand, she’s the truest of true-believers who’ll stop at nothing to implement his plan to fix all that’s wrong with humanity – even if she loses who she is in the process. MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR.

Where The Mechanic is concerned, that’s a character who doesn’t have any direct comic book counterpart, but there are certainly trademarks in there of certain established names. Of course, it is worth nothing that both Elongated Man and The Mechanic have yet to be officially confirmed by The CW or the minds behind the show. However, with Comic-Con beginning next week, it could well be that we hear something more formal over the next few weeks.

The Flash returns for its fourth season on October 10th in the US, with a UK return expected to follow shortly after.


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