What’s On: CBS Action - June 19th - 25th

Written by STARBURST Tuesday, 20 June 2017

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As part of our partnership with CBS Action, we’re going to bring you our pick of the great cult shows for the coming weeks.

June 19th - 25th

Diagnosis Murder

Weekdays, 11am and 7pm.

Follow the adventures of Mark Sloan (the legendary Dick Van Dyke), a chief of staff at a busy hospital who helps the police solve tricky cases (like you would). From Thursday 22nd, you can catch the series from the very beginning!


Weekdays, 12pm and 1pm.

Back to the old west with this much-loved cult series. Top class actors Lorne Greene and Michael Landon star in this classic tale of the Cartwrights and their sprawling range the Ponderosa.


Weekends 2pm and 3pm.

Another classic western, which was actually the longest-running series of its type, beating Bonanza by 200 episodes! James Arness plays Matt Dillon (not the actor) in a show still as entertaining as it was 50 years ago. Geeky side note: Arness also played the titular ‘intellectual carrot’ in the fifties version of The Thing from Another World.

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