Andrew Lee Potts’ WIRELESS Episode 12 Set to Debut at MCM London Comic Con

Written by Martin Unsworth Wednesday, 17 May 2017

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Fans of Andrew Lee Potts’ brilliant futuristic cop web series Wireless, will know things are getting exciting. It’s Installation Day and our hero, Jacob Crow (Potts) has been tasked to extract some data from his boss’ laptop that will give hackers the Gambits access to his server and hopefully find out exactly what’s going on.

We were lucky enough to have a sneak preview of Episode 12, which will be premiered at MCM London Comic Con on Sunday, May 28th, and - without giving away any spoilers - we can safely say you will be blown away. Not only is it packed with tense drama, the plot is certainly deepening. If you haven’t been watching the show, catch up now by heading over to the Wireless website or finding the show on YouTube (you won’t regret it). If you have, you certainly won’t believe the developments in the latest episode. Not only do we see more from the Gambits, the majority of the action is from the point of view of Unit White’s (Jacob’s AI police-issued car) ghost drone - so tiny it’s undetected by anyone who doesn’t know it’s there. There are some shocking revelations that we won’t reveal but that will stun fans.

We’ve been fans of Wireless from the beginning; we even profiled Andrew Lee Potts in our Independents Day feature in issue 418 (limited copies still available here), and can certainly say it gets more intriguing with each new instalment.

Filmed mainly on GoPros, the web series is set in the immediate future - this kind of thing could well be happening now. Potts is also the creator, director, editor, and producer of the show, with Alex Moss providing the scripts. Despite being a hard-hitting cyberpunk police drama, there is still room for humour thanks to Potts’ character Jacob, who quips his way through some of the tensest situations. The dazzling visuals certainly punch above the series’ low budget and guerrilla shooting schedules.

Andrew Lee Potts will be in attendance of MCM London Comic Con (May 26th - 28th) for the whole weekend, on hand to chat to fans about the show or, indeed, his work on Primeval, Alice, and Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (he’ll no doubt even spill the beans on the not-so-classic Vampire Nation if you insist). Always approachable and entertaining, he’ll be doing an on-stage Q&A about Episode 12 of Wireless after the screening on the Sunday (12pm on the Bronze Stage - don’t miss it!). Even more exciting, MCM has given him permission to shoot footage for an upcoming episode on the Friday of the event. So you have a chance to see Jacob Crow and the gang in action! How cool is that?

If you can’t make the MCM London Comic Con show, Episode 12 will be online soon afterward.


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