Jessica Lange Returning to AMERICAN HORROR STORY?

Written by Andrew Pollard Thursday, 20 April 2017

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With Season 7 of American Horror Story to start shooting shortly, the series has had something missing for its past two seasons: Jessica Lange. Fear not, though, for co-creator Ryan Murphy has been talking up the chances of the ever-great Lange returning to the show down the line.

When asked by Screen Rant about the actress returning to this fan-favourite genre series, Murphy explained, “I think she would if I bribed her enough, y’know? I haven’t really talked to her about it at all because we are still figuring out that story, but I think we do want to do that.”

Obviously the show wanting Lange to return is one thing, but it remains to be seen as to whether the actress herself would be open to a return. Having been a mainstay of the show’s first four seasons, Lange was last seen at the conclusion of Freak Show in early 2015 and it was believed that she was departing the series for good.

One thing that also further adds to the chances of a return for the fabulous Lange is that it’s already been confirmed that an upcoming season of American Horror Story will combine the worlds of Season 1 (Murder House) and Season 3 (Coven) – both seasons in which Jessica Lange had major roles to play.

FX has already ordered two further seasons to follow this year’s seventh season, although it’s not been completely confirmed as to which season will feature the aforementioned mash-up of two of the show’s most beloved tales.

American Horror Story returns later this year with a new season focussing on last year’s US election.

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