TV News: SCREAM Writer to Create a Cult of Serial Killers...

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 11 January 2012

TV News

Kevin Williamson, the mastermind behind the SCREAM franchise, continues to explore the horror genre with a new TV show...

The series, the pitch of which was picked up by Fox yesterday, revolves around an FBI agent hunting down 'a serial killer who uses technology to create a cult of serial killers'. Sounds pretty cool, right? Good, because that's all anybody's got on it as of yet. The thing doesn't even have a title!

Williamson enjoyed huge success in '96, when his debut screenplay SCARY MOVIE (no, not that one) was purchased by Miramax and promptly turned into the popular slasher who-dunnit SCREAM. His distinctive whip-smart dialogue and ability to turn the genre on its head catapulted Williamson to flavour of the month status, with I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, SCREAM 2, THE FACULTY, and TEACHING MRS. TINGLE following shortly after. The latter (Williamson's first as director) saw a troubled production result in the movie going straight-to-dvd (in the UK at least). After retreating to DAWSON'S CREEK to get away from the genre, he returned in '05 with werewolf flick CURSED. It didn't go well. Most recently Williamson came back with VAMPIRE DIARIES and a most entertaining fourth entry into the SCREAM series last year.  

There's many more hoops for this show to jump through before it hits our screens proper (if ever), but we're definitely interested in what Williamson could do with such an interesting premise. We'll be keeping you up to date on any further developments...

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