TV News: And the Working Title of the Live-Action STAR WARS Show is...

Written by Kris Heys Monday, 09 January 2012

TV News


Yep, Rick McCallum - George Lucas's producing partner since the Special Editions - has stunned us all by surely breaking protocol and letting slip the working title of the looooong in development live-action TV show in an interview with IGN.

Why UNDERWORLD? Is it going to be shot exclusively through a blue filter? We jest of course - it's because as we previously reported back in June the focus of the show will chronicle the adventures of the universe's more unsavoury characters, namely the many bounty hunters, gangsters and space pirates getting on with it while our usual heroes get all the glory. It was even once described by Lucas as "THE SOPRANOS in space", and rumour had it that it would favour a more adult tone. Which couldn't make us happier!

The sad news is that LucasFilm are still waiting for production to become economically viable, so we've got a long time to go yet before we travel back to that Galaxy far, far away... 

For IGN's video interview you can go HERE.

For our previous ramblings on this long-promised project, read HERE.

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