TV News: SARAH JANE ADVENTURES Follow-Up on the Way?

Written by J.R. Southall / Jeff Hughes Saturday, 17 December 2011

TV News

Are THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES backroom team about to follow that series up with something similar for CBBC?

A quick look at Russell T Davies’ agency profile this week has revealed that he is currently working on something called ALIENS VS WIZARDS, for the BBC.

Credited alongside THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES’ lead writer Phil Ford, as co-creators and executive producers (and with SJA and DOCTOR WHO’s Gareth Roberts also down for two episodes on his own report), ALIENS VS WIZARDS would seem to be Children’s BBC’s natural follow-up to the Sarah Jane series, now that Lis Sladen is sadly no longer with us.

Presumably removed entirely from the world of DOCTOR WHO in terms of characters and continuity, ALIENS VS WIZARDS nevertheless sounds like it will tap into the same rich stream of fantasy and spookiness that the SARAH JANE ADVENTURES mined so well.

Confirmed for 12 half-hour episodes, it is almost certain that this series will run in the SJA slot, probably debuting sometime during 2012.

Curiously, Russell T Davies’ profile also lists something called STAR LOST, of which a single, 25-minute pilot appears to be in production for BBC Worldwide...

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0 #2 Paul Mount 2011-12-17 20:03
Interesting. There have been rumours of a show to replace SJA and RTD mentioend in a recent interveiw that the only witing he was undertaking for the next few months is "something for CBBC" as he's back in the UK now with his
partner who is unwell.
0 #1 J. R. Southall 2011-12-17 16:45
I see Joseph Lidster, also of Sarah Jane (The Nightmare Man, amongst others) is also down for two episodes.

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