First Look at "Old Man" Oliver Queen

Written by Andrew Pollard Friday, 19 February 2016

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What’s that noise? Why that’d be the collective pants of long-time DC fanboys tightening.

Ever since Arrow hit screens in 2012, many long-standing comic book fans were calling for a more classic Green Arrow-looking Oliver Queen. Sure, the opening moments of the debut episode saw a long-haired, bearded Ollie, but that was merely a quick glimpse before the Emerald Archer was given a buzz cut and some designer stubble. In fairness, though, Stephen Amell has proved to be an absolutely phenomenal Oliver Queen, having grown into the role to the extent that it is now a second skin for the Canadian actor. Simply put, Amell’s Ollie is the definitive Ollie. Still, what about that classic Green Arrow look, though…

Well, with an older Oliver confirmed to appear in a later episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, an older Oliver that is confirmed to have his classic facial fuzz and one arm (hey, The Dark Knight Returns!), Amell has taken to his social media accounts to give fans a sneak peek at an Oliver Queen that strikes a startling resemblance to his comic book counterpart… and he sure looks all kinds of awesome!

Check out this look at the 60-yeard-old Green Arrow from Legends of Tomorrow's upcoming sixth episode:

The appearance of this older Master Bowman will be in an episode titled Legends and will be set in the year 2046. Not only will Ollie have a goatee and be sans an arm, he’ll also be joined by his son, Connor Hawke, a character who in the comic book realm also takes on the mantle of Green Arrow from his old man. In fact, it looks as if Connor can be spotted in the bottom pic, for there is another archer in the shot. Additionally, the person with their back to us in the first two pictures looks just a tad like uber-rogue Deathstroke, which would be a fantastic cameo considering the stunning job Manu Bennett has done as Slade Wilson in Arrow.

Whilst having aired its first four episodes already in the US, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow debuts on Sky1 in the UK on March 3rd.


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