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Groundbreaking classic British “sci-fi” series Doomwatch originally aired on the BBC from 1970 – 1972 and, at its peak, attracted in excess of 13.6 million viewers, spawned a 1972 feature film starring Ian Bannen and a 1999 Channel 5 pilot reboot entitled Winter Angel. Only a handful of episodes have previously been released on DVD (long since deleted) but April 4th will finally see what remains of the series – series two exists in full but fourteen episodes across season one and three are missing from the BBC Archive - making their long-awaited DVD debut courtesy of Simply Media.

Doomwatch Series 1-3 The Remaining Episodes will be released in a stunning seven-disc boxset, together with unseen episode Sex and Violence (originally planned as episode twelve of the third season but untransmitted due to its perceived controversial subject matter) and, as an additional special feature, the BBC documentary The Cult of Doomwatch originally screened on BBC4 in 2006.

The cult series was the brainchild of Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis who, in the 1960s, had brought the iconic Cyberman to Doctor Who, and follows government agency The Department of Measurement of Scientific Work AKA Doomwatch, as they fight to protect mankind from the effects of unchecked technological advancement and scientific experimentation gone awry.

The team are lead by Dr. Spencer Quist (John PaulA Countess from Hong Kong), alongside Colin Bradley (Joby BlanshardThe Brothers), Dr John Ridge (Simon Oates – the 1971 Avengers

 stage production), Toby Wren (Robert PowellThe Detectives, Jesus of Nazareth), and Dr. Fay Chantry (Jean TrendZ Cars. Together the Doomwatch team battle hyper intelligent rats, toxic waste, plastic eating bacteria, mind destroying sound waves and genetic mutations whilst constantly confronted by volatile corporations, their own unsupportive government superiors and ever changing dynamics within the team.

Set in a time of public fascination with the perils of science and technology, Doomwatch offers a glimpse of real and troubling scientific development and  voices concerns which are still relevant today whilst exploring the moral dilemmas faced by those left to pick up the pieces when things inevitably sometimes go horribly wrong.

Doomwatch Series 1 – 3 The Remaining Episodes is released on April 4th by Simply media.


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