TV News: The Jim Henson Company Wants You To Meet THE NEW NABORS

Written by Kris Heys Monday, 21 November 2011

TV News

We predict this project's chances of getting past the Pilot stage depends entirely on how THE MUPPETS performs box-office wise, but network NBC are hedging their bets that puppets are gonna be all the rage very shortly by commissioning a new comedy from The Jim Henson Company. 

Said show is THE NEW NABORS, a half-hour primetime sitcom about a human family who live next door to a house full of puppets, (yeah, you read that right), and will be written by John Hoffman & John Riggi (30 ROCK). The pair will produce alongside the Henson Company's Lisa Henson and Alex Rockwell.

Personally, we think the idea sounds a little too close to the excellent short-lived sitcom GREG THE BUNNY, which starred Seth Green (BUFFY), Eugene Levy (AMERICAN PIE) and Sarah Silverman. Despite a cult following, general audiences however couldn't give a monkey's, and it died a death. Plus, it was on Fox, so it never really had a chance. Here's the title sequence, we urge you to seek it out...

It must also be pointed out that this is not NBC's first foray into the world of puppet-based comedy, with the seminal sitcom ALF running from 1986-1990. Readers of 30+ prepare yourselves for a blast of nostalgia. Anyone much younger, look at the kind of quality you missed out on!

Ahh. Those were the days. In fact, we propose NBC dumps this NABORS thing and go make more ALF instead.

We'll have more on this project as soon as it develops.

In the meantime, THE MUPPETS opens November 23rd in the States, and February 10th in the UK. Please go see it. Not that we're that fussed whether NABORS sees the light of day (it'll only be canned 6 episodes in), we just want more Muppet movies in our life! 

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