LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES Heading to the Small Screen?

Written by Andrew Pollard Friday, 15 January 2016

TV News

With many a DC character taking to the small screen, it looks as if the Legion of Super-Heroes could be the next batch of DC alumni to make an appearance on your TV screen.

DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns revealed the news at the recent TCA tour. As reported by TV Line, when asked about bringing the team to one of the existing DC-based shows, Johns teased, “Keep watching. You’ll see a hint of the Legion on one of our shows. I love the Legion. They’re underused and hopefully we’ll get them out there soon.”

The shows that Johns is on about are Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and the upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. As for the Legion of Super-Heroes themselves, they’re a team from the 30th century who debuted back in a 1958 issue of Adventure Comics. Primarily made up of Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad, the Legion travel back to meet a young Clark Kent, then going under the guise of Superboy, and take CK to their own time in order to make him a member of their team after it’s revealed that it was the legendary tales of Superman that inspired them to become heroes in the first place.

In terms of live-action, the Legion actually appeared in an episode of Smallville, aptly titled Legion, with the threesome’s arrival also featuring Chameleon Boy and Braniac 5. Where they turn up in live-action next remains to be seen, although you’d have to think that Supergirl or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow seem the likeliest of destinations. After all, Supergirl is the show most tied to the Superman mythos, whilst Legends of Tomorrow’s main plot point centres on the show’s titular team travelling through time.

As ever, expect more on this as it develops.


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