TV News: Live-Action POWERS Pilot Not Picked Up. For Now...

Written by Kris Heys Saturday, 19 November 2011

TV News

Hmmm. This is rarely a good sign...

Seems that the small-screen, live-action adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis' acclaimed comicbook POWERS has been sent back for some major retooling after its potential network FX expressed concern over the completed Pilot.

The production team have been charged with improving the special effects amongst other things, and reshoots are currently planned for January next year.

As a result, the show is highly unlikely to make its projected release date of Fall next year - if it gets picked up at all. FX can still decide not to proceed with any further episodes if they aren't happy with the revamped Pilot. 

There is hope yet however, and creator Bendis' feathers remain un-ruffled at present, recently tweeting:

"network spending more $ on powers is good. they did the same to the sons of anarchy pilot. fx sees pilots diff then reg networks. a lot of pilots go through this. but they aren’t based on anything so you never hear about it. the network convos this week have been great."

It'd be a great shame if this show fails to get off the ground. We've said it before, but we think most comicbook adaptation belong on the small-screen, it's a far superior medium in which to give their serialised nature proper breathing room. Character development in big-screen Superhero movies is a rare thing as they're constrained too much by the comparatively miniscule 2 hour running time. TV allows for as much character work as you can wish for.

Let's keep our fingers crossed the guys knock it out of the park.

POWERS - the Pilot at least - stars Jason Patric (LOST BOYS) and Lucy Punch (HOT FUZZ) as Detectives Walker & Pilgrim. Sadly, Vinnie Jones is in it too. 

For more on POWERS check out our previous coverage HERE.

Will POWERS get the greenlight from FX? Hell, do you even want POWERS to get the greenlight from FX, or should it stay unsullied by Hollywood? Let us know in the Comments below or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag 

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