Marvel's Netflix-Exclusive IRON FIST in Trouble

Written by Andrew Pollard Monday, 12 October 2015

TV News

With Daredevil having wowed viewers earlier this year and with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage set to make their Netflix-debut later this, the silence surrounding one particular hero is deafening. That hero is Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist.

The original plan for Marvel’s Netflix-exclusive shows was for Daredevil to arrive earlier this year, then Jessica Jones will be available next month. Mike Colter’s Luke Cage will debut in Jessica Jones before going off to his own series next year. Then the plan was for Iron Fist to be the next series, and finally all four titular heroes to come together in The Defenders. The thing is, Iron Fist looks like it could be in some trouble.

There were reports a few months ago that suggested as much, with the main problem being the magical and mysticism so closely associated with Danny Rand. After all, the world Marvel has created for Netflix centres on dark and gritty heroes, meaning that certain elements of the elaborate Iron Fist character may be difficult to incorporate.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that stories of Iron Fist’s issues are again rearing their head, with claims that the show may not even make it to the small screen at all. Part of the reason is down to Marvel Studios stepping in to have their say. Now all of these Netflix shows take place in the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, and as such they’re all accountable to Marvel Studios. At this stage, Marvel Studios have yet to sign off on a whole host of things regarding Iron Fist due to the aforementioned issues surrounding Danny Rand’s powers. In addition to this, the tensions between Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige and Marvel Entertainment’s Isaac Perlmutter are also being pinned as part of the problem here, too.

As mentioned, this isn’t the first time that problems have surfaced around Iron Fist, and now it appears as if they show will be lucky to make it to Netflix at all.

Here’s hoping that all of these issues get ironed out and Danny Rand can take his rightful place alongside Luke Cage, Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones.


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