TV News: NBC to Cannibalise Thomas Harris' Creation for Potential Series

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 09 November 2011

TV News

Fans of HANNIBAL RISING rejoice! NBC are moving forward on a potential series based on the Lecter legacy from DEAD LIKE ME creator Bryan Fuller.

Why do we cite RISING and not SILENCE, RED DRAGON, or HANNIBAL itself? Because there's little to no chance of Hopkins reprising the role for TV, which begs the question - why even bother? It's Hopkins himself who audiences recognise as the character (not to take away from Brian Cox's portrayal in MANHUNTER) and it's hard to imagine producers successfully persuading enough viewers to follow the story of a largely unsympathetic character played by anybody else. As evidenced in the box office bomb that was 2007's RISING. Add to that the fact Lecter always works best when not at the forefront of the story (SILENCE and MANHUNTER), and you start to see the pitfalls of the idea. In our opinion, the only serial killer we can think that's suited to a serialised format is Dexter Morgan, whose modus operandi is arguably worth championing. (Or is that something one shouldn't confess to?)

The project, simply titled HANNIBAL, will go to series on the basis of Fuller's pilot script. Let's hope they see sense.

Could a Hannibal Lector series work? Share your thoughts in the Comments below or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag 

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0 #1 sophiea iqbal 2011-11-12 00:06
I agree totally with you kris, something is clearly lacking here. Why even attempt a character as unsympathetic as Hannibal, who the audience cant connect to. Hopkins owned this role and it just doesnt work without him, let alone with him, since we already know the story.

Failure any one!

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