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Written by Andrew Pollard Friday, 21 August 2015

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As The Flash gears up for its second season, another brief new teaser promo has arrived, plus we’ve been given an update on certain facets of Season 2. Executive producer Gabrielle Stanton gave an insight on this new season during the recent TCA press tour, as reported by Collider.

Firstly addressing the female characters in the show, Stanton said, “This show actually has great female characters. You have Iris, who is now a reporter. You have Caitlin, who’s a scientist. It’s really cool that when Andrew [Kreisberg] and Greg [Berlanti] started The Flash, they just immediately put in these kick-ass equal characters. There wasn’t any question of, ‘Oh, what are we going to do with them?’ They were there, and they were part of the show and part of the team. And they’re very different. We want to make Iris and Caitlin friends this season because I feel like they would be friends, in real life.”

Up next came discussion on the confirmed-to-be-annual crossover with Arrow, to which Stanton added, “Oh, there are fights! It’s just what works for us, story-wise, and what works for what we’re doing with Barry and the team, at the time. Sometimes Arrow will start things, or we’ll start things, and we’ll cross them over. We had Captain Cold and Heat Wave last season, and they were so popular that we have Legends [of Tomorrow]. We juggle, but it’s fun. We have so many different worlds to play in that we can say, ‘Hey, can we borrow Felicity this week?’ It’s near to be able to do. It’s hard because of the scheduling and production. All the line producers go crazy when we talk about doing it. Fortunately Arrow and The Flash shoot right next door to each other, up in Vancouver. We can be like, ‘Just go across the hall.’”

On mentors for Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, she teased, “He still has Joe, he still has his dad, and we’re introducing Jay Garrick, who will be a mentor character to Barry. Jay has seen some things that Barry hasn’t seen, and he’s going to be helping im through the process.”

With Reverse-Flash guiding and assisting Barry for so much of Season 1, there’s now the question of how Barry will react to going on his own in Season 2. On this, Stanton said, “Reverse-Flash was always trying to get Barry to run faster. He seemed like he was really helping him, but really he was doing it for his own evil purposes. Hopefully, it’s going to be a little bit different now that Barry is exploring the use of his powers without the man who killed his mother sitting on his shoulder.”

Finally the topic of the recently-cast Wally West came up, to which Stanton explained, “We want to say respectful and totally satisfy what the fans want out of this. But on the other hand, we also need to change the character, twist things and put our own spin on it so that it’s not exactly what everyone expects. Otherwise, you’re like, ‘We’re introducing Wally West,’ and someone looks it up on Wikipedia and knows the story, so they don’t watch. So, it will definitely be our twist on the Wally West character.”

Now for that promo we mentioned at the top of this post. As mentioned, it’s another brief one:

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The Flash returns to US screens on October 6th, with a UK return expected to follow shortly after.


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