Stephen Amell Teases ARROW Name Change to Green Arrow

Written by Andrew Pollard Monday, 13 July 2015

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For fans of The CW’s Arrow, it may very well be time to embrace a new moniker for Stephen Amell’s Emerald Archer. Yes, it appears that we could finally be getting Green Arrow.

Now this has been far from confirmed by anybody behind the show, but everything happens for a reason, right? And the very thing that happened occurred at San Diego Comic-Con.

Over the weekend, we’d seen a first look at a new costume for the Master Bowman ahead of the show’s Season 4 debut later this year. In a surprise twist, star Amell actually appeared at Comic-Con in the outfit and then went on to give a rousing speech… in which, as well as Star City replacing Starling City, he also refers to himself as, yes you guessed it, the Green Arrow. Check it out for yourself:

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As mentioned, for everything like this there is a reason. That reason is seemingly that a new name is on the way for the show’s hero; a name that many have been crying out for since the early days of The Hood or The Vigilante.

In fairness, the whole Arrow persona was essentially left dead by the time Season 3 of the show came to an end earlier this year. Roy Harper had been publicly outed as the green-hooded protector of Starling City and then “killed off” to all official eyes, meaning that The Arrow is no more. After this, Oliver was left with a pickle; if he began to continue to parade as The Arrow then it basically meant that Captain Lance was right about Ollie being the Emerald Archer and so could lock him up. It would also make Roy’s sacrifice pretty pointless. Either way, Oliver would wind up taking on a new mantle for himself: Ra’s al Ghul. With his Ra’s days now behind him, Season 3 of Arrow concluded with Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak driving off into the sunset. Still, if Ollie does indeed return to his hero ways (and he totally, totally will) then he needs a new outfit and a new persona. Given all of this, and now with the above video to go on, it looks as if we could finally be getting to see Oliver Queen take on the Green Arrow moniker that certain fans have been crying out for since the show began.

In a mark of Arrow’s quality, despite some early wobbles around the central hero’s name, it’s made Ollie and his crusade must-watch TV, regardless of whether he’s The Hood, The Vigilante, The Arrow, Ra’s al Ghul or simply just plain old Oliver Queen.

Arrow’s Season 4 is set to premiere on October 7th in the US, with a UK return expecting to follow shortly after. In terms of plot, as well as Oliver eventually getting ‘back in the game’, villain-wise we’ve got the prospect of Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. on the horizon.


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