HBO Combat Illegal GAME OF THRONES Downloads

Written by Christian Jones Wednesday, 22 April 2015

TV News

Subscription channel HBO, commissioners of the global hit TV series GAME OF THRONES, have warned that international viewers will have their HBO Now accounts suspended.

HBO’s catch up and on-demand service HBO Now is only available in the US, but region-unlocking and VPN software have allowed worldwide tech-savvy users access.

TorrentFreak reports that HBO has contacted users in Canada, Australia and Europe with the proviso that unless they can provide evidence that they are legal and legitimate subscribers then their accounts will be frozen. The deadline was yesterday and any persons contacted by HBO that hadn’t responded will probably now be looking at a blank screen.

This situation isn’t just limited to HBO though, as Netflix is also striking back against what it calls “geo-piracy.” Additionally, HBO is hoping to target those that illegally download GAME OF THRONES by demanding that internet service providers send them warning letters.

Now this surely won’t apply to law-abiding STARBURST readers, will it? After all, it’s a well-known fact that readers of the world’s best and longest running magazine of cult entertainment are above reproach.


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0 #1 Andrew Marshall 2015-04-23 22:55
From what I've read about this story, it seems that the people in question were only using VPN software to bypass HBO Now's geoblocking; once they were on the site they then paid for the service because they wanted to but where otherwise unable to due to not living in the US.

The irony is, the account suspensions will only increase the likelihood of people turning to torrent sites in order to watch the show, now that this workaround where they can actually pay to watch the episodes has been removed.

I know there are issues relating to international distribution that makes the process complicated (I don't actually understand them, I just know they exist), but if TV episodes were available to be purchased legitimately everywhere in the world simultaneously, I truly believe there would be a sharp drop in online piracy.

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